Alternators & Starters

Alternator & Starter Repair

Whenever possible, our technicians will repair your units in order to save you money. We carefully inspect the unit and provide you with a alternator or starter repair estimate on the spot.

Our mechanics will rebuild your car or trucks starter and alternators using your original equipment when possible. We take care of the removal and installation.

Alternator & Starter Repair Service

Mesa Alternator and Starter RepairAlternator problems vary, but the most common are fluttering gauges or an odd smell from under your hood. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may have a bad alternator. We also provide new alternator installations in cars.

Starter problems can keep you from going anywhere at the wrong time. Do you hear a clicking noise when starting your vehicle? Unfortunately, you may be experiencing starter problems. Our team is fully prepared to diagnose and repair your malfunctioning car starter. Call us at (480) 649-3212 for more Alternator or Starter Repair

Our mechanics repair and replace alternators and starters. Brown Brothers Auto Repair Service is experienced in installation of new starters in cars and trucks, regardless of brand or size.

Sometimes there are serious issues that require a rebuild of your starter in order to save money, but we can accurately diagnose and repair. It doen’t matter if you need a total rebuild of your starter, or alternator service, we are here to help.

Mesa Alternator and Starter Repair

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