Fuel Pumps & Lines

Fuel pump and line Repair

There are two basic types of fuel pumps: mechanical and electric.
Mechanical pumps are mounted on the engine and are driven by the engine directly.
Electric pumps are driven by the vehicle’s battery and charging system.

Zedelgem All modern fuel injected cars use electric fuel pumps.

Usually electric pumps work fine until they fail. Sometimes their normal “whirring” noise gets louder before they break. Sometimes they will stop when they heat up, and then start again when they cool off. If your car breaks down and you suspect the electric fuel pump.

Testing your fuel pump

Take the gas cap off. Have someone turn the engine over while you listen at the gas filler. You should hear a “whirring” noise from the tank. Electric pumps also can fail anytime after 50k miles. Most cars run the fuel pump for a few seconds when the key is turned on. This pressurizes the fuel system so the car will have fuel pressure immediately when the starter is engaged. Try turning your ignition on just before the “start” position: you shouild be able to hear your pump run for a few seconds.

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If a fuel line gets a leak on the suction side the pump can “suck air” and stop pumping fuel. If you have a fuel pump that makes pressure on one side and creates a vacuum on the other then it’s a good pump: there’s a fuel line, filter, or tank problem.

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